You Don’t Always Need the Best Technology

I see so much hype and marketing around buying new tech devices as often as possible. I wonder why people spend money on tech just because they can.

You can love technology without spending the most money on devices. There are some benefits to holding onto older devices.

Hang on to your old devices. Don’t rush to get the new thing just because it is slightly better!

I am going to explain why I think this way.

Technology 2020, Mikhail Denishchenko, CC0 Public Domain

You Don’t Need the Best Things

So I suppose this advice applies to almost anything you can buy in life. But I am a tech lover, so I am specifically thinking about devices and computers.

Ignore the hype and marketing. You don’t need top-of-the-line devices!

If there is one thing I have learned after using and working with computers is that you only need devices capable of doing what you need.

All that matters is can the devices I buy do the important stuff. Any other uses or functions are a bonus.

Of course, I still spend more money on devices anyway. I can’t follow my advice, I suppose. But I am trying to save money by only buying things I need.

I bought an $800 (USD) LG V20, and it was my first Android smartphone.

While I was happy with the device, I plan on spending less money on my next phone. Not that I can get a flagship smartphone for under $1000 (USD) anymore anyway.

I now plan on buying what people would consider a mid-range phone. Or maybe last year’s flagship device. Both options sound good.

Would having a cheaper phone stop me from doing what is important?

Sure it would be slower, have less memory, etc. But most modern phones are going to be decent enough no matter what they are.

Now there are some very cheap and pretty bad Android phones. But once you get into mid-range territory, just about anything is good enough.

As for computers any modern computer can do all the office things I need to do. That hardly is even a requirement anymore.

I know the kind of GPU I need for my favorite kinds of games, and my requirements are low.

I don’t buy games if they need a very good CPU or GPU. With all the information out there, it is easy to avoid buying and playing games you can’t run well.

I know from experience better graphics does not equal a better game. Some of my favorite games of all time look quaint. Some might even say they look bad.

There is also not any software I have issues running. I am not trying to render videos over here. I don’t stream either.

It turns out the software requirements for Firefox and LibreOffice are quite low.

Time Is Your Friend

The best way to save money when buying tech is to wait.

Every year you maintain an old device, there are gong to be better things to buy. Wait long enough, and when you buy a new device, it will be considerably better than your old one.

If you have cool thing version 2 and wait until cool thing version 6 is out, that is a lot of upgrades and improvements.

All you need is some patience. I suppose I am the kind of person who marketing hates the most. Marketers can’t sell me new junk if I hold onto my old ones until it falls apart or is not supported anymore.

I bought my first custom computer for $1600. I wonder now if it was worth the money. But at the time, I was happy.

I had that computer for over five years. When I was done with it, I bought a newer computer for under $900 (USD). I spent almost half the money on a computer with better specs.

Right now, I am using an iPhone XR. I am not sure if I will continue to use Apple devices or not. But what I do know is I am going to hold onto my current phone until it won’t turn on anymore.

It already does everything I need. Apple will support the iOS version until the device stops working (I hope. Probably).

Sure the iPhone 13 looks great. But you know what will also seem amazing? Whatever iPhone SE will be available when I look to upgrade.

Remember you don’t need the best stuff and time is your friend!

Don’t Buy Things to Impress Others

I wonder why people are so self-conscious about the devices they own. I even see people fret over device colors.

I normally choose a boring trey or black color. I always cover my current phone in a case anyway.

I also didn’t buy a phone case to be cute. I bought it to save myself from destroying yet another mobile device by dropping it.

Out all the reasons to buy a device, don’t buy something only because it looks cool.

Maybe I just don’t understand some PC gamers. Some people spend more money on computer parts because they light up and glow.

Just keep in mind computer parts that look boring do the same job and are cheaper. It won’t look as cool in a social media picture, but you will save money.

Does it really matter what your computer RAM looks like? Does it make you feel good inside to see your cool looking RAM sticks?

Inside my custom computer.



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