Why I Stopped Using Microsoft Office

I No Longer Need Microsoft Office

In the business world, Microsoft Office is the program of choice for creating documents and spreadsheets.

But I don’t use the software at home anymore. I have not used Microsoft Office for over five years.


I am going to tell you why in this story!

My Writing Requirements

My needs are pretty basic. So almost any software would work for me.

I need to be able to create and write documents. I often write new stories, blog posts, articles. I sometimes write documents for other reasons as well.

So I need to be able to do this from my computer. But I also sometimes write and edit documents from my phone.

I Now Use LibreOffice Instead

Back when I was using Windows 10, I was annoyed at how Windows nagged you to use Microsoft Office every chance it had.

I did some research online, and I uninstalled some things to get this to stop.

I also found out about OpenOffice, and I started to use this program. At first, it seemed odd, and I was lost. But I started to like it over time.

Then I found out the better LibreOffice fork, and I started to use it instead. Eventually, I switched to using Ubuntu, and LibreOffice is installed by default.

For my current use, LibreOffice excels and more than meets my requirements.

I love the LibreOffice Writer program. It took a bit to get used to the layout because it is different. But now that I am using the program for years, I am familiar with it.

I now do most of my professional writing with LibreOffice. I should note I have not had any issues opening and viewing any documents with LibreOffice.

I also have a few spreadsheets I have made for various things with LibreOffice.

I have not had to make a PowerPoint presentation for anything since school. I can’t comment on how good LibreOffice Impress is.

I Use Google DOCs

Google DOCs is also another alternative office suite to use. I don’t use Google DOCs often, but I still have specific uses for the program.

I often now save documents to Google Drive when writing on the go. If I write something with my Chromebook or my phone, I can slowly work on projects this way.

The only main issue is that editing and proofreading documents on my phone is too hard and time-consuming. So I usually only write new things with my phone.

I also will use Google DOCs when doing writing on shared computers. I often used Google DOCs when at college or the library.

I am also currently hosting a budget spreadsheet on my Google Drive. I was at first doing this with LibreOffice. But I instead started to use Google Drive because I can now check and update this file anywhere I am.


I started to write articles using Notepad-like programs. I wanted to write everything before I did any proofreading or editing. Simple Notepad programs don’t show you any errors as you write.

I now use FocusWriter. Focus Writer is a very simple program that lets you write without distractions.

I don’t use FocusWriter to write all my articles. But I love the program, and I am glad I found out about it.

Also There Is Microsoft Office Online

Using Microsoft Office online is not avoiding using Microsoft Office, is it?

But people won’t budge on certain formatting requirements. LibreOffice doesn’t quite get things done how some people want them.

If all I need to do is format documents and save them the “right way”, I can copy and paste them into a document online. Then save it to my computer.

Since I am no longer a college student, I rarely have issues with this anymore. Most of these issues were related to college professors.



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