Why I Hate Snow

I never particularly liked snow. Maybe I did a little when I was younger. But now I would be happy if there never was another snow fall.

In this story, I am going to explain why I hate snow.

I Once Stood Outside for Hours and Froze

I used to live in Rockford, Illinois. Rockford has delightful winter weather. Outside temperatures reach the negatives, and there is massive snowfall.

On this day, for some reason, I forgot the keys to the house while getting ready for school. So when I got home from school, I was locked out.

My mom asked me later why I didn’t just break-in? For some reason, I did not want to do that.

I thought if I just stood there and waited until my mom got home from work, I would be fine.

Well, that was a bad idea. I was slowly getting frostbite.

After about two or three hours, I decided I had waited enough. I was starting to go numb everywhere.

I went to a random neighbor and knocked on their door. I was lucky as I found a house with somebody there and they were willing to help me.

I explained I was locked outside my house, and I was going numb.

I don’t remember quite what I said. But I most of looked and sounded miserable. She let me call my mom, and course, she came racing back.

Once everything stopped feeling numb, it felt like fire. Thankfully I recovered without any long-term damage.

This event has had a lasting impact on my life. I am no longer willing to stand outside and freeze my ass off anymore for one.

I Hate Cold Weather

I spent some time thinking about this. Snow is a symptom of really cold weather. It doesn’t snow if it is warm or hot does it?

I hate being cold.

Sure you can dress warmer and wear more clothes. But I like to walk around wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

I rather feel hot and sweaty. Sure, that is annoying as well. But I can manage heat a lot better than cold weather.

I go out of my way to make my apartment warm. Even during summer, I refuse to turn on my air conditioning.

Snow Is Annoying

Snow may be fun to play in for some people. But when you are trying to walk to a bus stop being almost knee-deep in snow is not quite as fun.

Snow is the most annoying if the sidewalks are not clear. You have to walk slow or walk in the street. You won’t walk fast in heavy snow for long! I know from personal experience.

Also, don’t forget about ice. Especially the shiny stuff that you almost can’t see.

I have slipped and fallen on my ass multiple times because of ice I can’t see.

There is an effect that occurs when there is a lot of snow and it is sunny. The light will reflect off the snow, and you will be blinded. So not is only is it hard to walk around you can’t see either.

I remember once watching a TV movie/special, and the villain was creating a can of spray that evaporated snow when used. Funny how that was considered a bad thing. I wish I could buy that stuff.

Snow Messes up Traveling

I don’t drive. But even I know that snow and ice make for poor driving conditions.

Bad weather and driving won’t ever directly affect me. But I do ride the city bus often. So I experience bad traffic too.



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