Why I Get Excited for Video Games I Don’t Want to Play

YouTube homepage on a TV. Picture I took with my phone camera (Eric Farmer).

A Game I Did Not Want to Play

But here is the odd thing. I had no intentions of buying the game to play it. I probably won’t ever play this game.

Why would I be happy about a game I don’t want to play?

I am going to explain why!

I Love to Watch People Play Games

I also watch people play games on live streaming websites like Twitch.

But I don’t watch Twitch as much as YouTube. Right now, trying to find streamers that stream around my work schedule is hard. I might watch a video on demand (VOD) of a past stream sometimes.

Why do I like watching other people play video games instead of playing them? It would take a whole separate story to get into that and explain why.

So to keep things short, I love to watch others play games I am interested in because I like to see how they play the game. Also, I have done this for so long it is a habit.

I was going to watch my favorite YouTubers play this game. I knew some of these creators were going to make content on this game soon after it was released.

I Like to Watch Theory Videos on Games

I watch multiple channels that talk about video game theory.

This game is part of a series of video games that has a mysterious story. I was more interested in hearing what people had to say about the lore of this video game.

The Connection I Have Content Creators Is Stronger

I concluded that I like certain YouTubers no matter what videos they make. I have a stronger connection with them and the content they make than the games they play.

I get excited to see what new content a creator has made. I often save videos to watch later as soon as I see them.

That is why I can get excited to watch people make videos about video games I don’t even want to play. I often like watching videos on games I would probably never play.

Some of my favorite YouTubers makes Let’s Play and theory videos on horror games.

I don’t like playing horror games. But I love to watch people play them.

I don’t even care what the game is. If this creator uploads content, I watch it. That is how much I like certain YouTubers.

Here are some of the YouTubers I watch because of their theory and video game content.

Game Name Reveal

The game is Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach!

I have never played a single Five Nights at Freddy’s game. But I have watched countless YouTube videos on the series.

Did I enjoy the YouTube videos on Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach? I did.

The game was less exciting than I thought it would be. But I enjoyed my favorite content creators making content about the game.



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