Why I Don’t Drive and My Perspective on Travel

Cyclist putting a car in a trash bin.
Clean environment vector sign by OpenClipart

I Hate Cars

I don’t like cars at all. Cars are scary and move way too fast, and I also don’t like how most people drive either.

I Have Found My People!

Forgive me for a bit of offensive language, but I recently discovered the Reddit subreddit /r/fuckcars.

I Walk to a Lot of Places

It is weird to me how short of a distance people are willing to walk anywhere. I have seen people claim anything over 15 minutes is too long.

My Thoughts on Biking

I have decided, for now, that I am going to give up bike riding.

I Am Thinking of Getting a Scooter

An electric scooter has some of the same issues as a bike. I am talking about an electric push scooter. So not the big ones that look like mopeds.

My Thoughts on Riding the Bus

Right now, riding the bus is the most effective way for me to get around. A bus pass costs me about $70 (USD) a month.

Other Travel Methods

Sometimes family helps me get somewhere.



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Eric Farmer

Eric Farmer

I love to read and write about technology. I sometimes write about other subjects.