Some Things I Have Learned From Using Computers Often

After using computers, smartphones, and tablets for so long, I have learned many tiny useful pieces of information.

I am going to explain some of the things I have learned from using computers.

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Learn to Type (Properly)

One of the most useful things I have done is to work on my touch typing skills.

I had typing classes in elementary school. But things did not stick until I started college.

I found a website that taught touch typing. I stuck with the website until I completed every lesson it had.

I can’t remember what exact website I used. But there are plenty of websites that teach typing.

I eventually could type any letter on the keyboard with only muscle memory.

I still play typing games every once and a while. But I am happy with my current typing speed. I don’t practice as much anymore.

Now that I frequently write articles, I find I get enough practice from writing new things instead of playing games.

Use Autocorrect Often

Using autocorrect often can have some funny results. But using autocorrect heavily has made typing on mobile devices much easier.

I don’t like typing on mobile devices. As I can’t touch type and my fingers are too big.

So I use autocorrect to do most of the typing for me.

Test and Question Everything

When I was younger, I used to change and play around with the settings on the family computer. It used to annoy my mom a lot.

  • What is the control panel? What do all of these settings do?
  • I used to browse the files in the Windows folder. I thought that maybe I could learn something from the file names.
  • I wondered what all the .DLL files were and why there were so many of them.
  • What the heck was system32?
  • Why were all the .EXE files in the programs folder
  • Why did images and sound files have different extensions? What did this mean?

I once figured out a way to log into the administrator account. Bypassing the password my mom set on the computer.

She did not like that at all. I learned the power of being an administrator versus being a normal user.

Now that I am older, I wonder if perhaps my playing around and testing everything played a part in my now familiarity with most Windows settings.

I still have this habit today. Whenever I have a new piece of software, I almost always first look and see what all the options are and what they do.

Even in games, I often look at what is the options before starting the game.

Sometimes Just Using the Defaults Works

I used to love changing and researching all the programs I use. I still do sometimes.

But now, I am more likely to use whatever default software is presented to me.


It is more simple and easier.

It doesn’t seem worth it to spend time trying to find the best software instead of one that works.

If software works and I don’t hate it, then I use it.

I still will change software if I am getting something that is much better.

Make Backups!

I have learned multiple times in my life the hard lesson of losing data because I did not back it up.

Now I make sure to backup somewhat often. I do it a few times a month.

I am not going to ever lose all my data again as there will always be at least one backup.

I Do Updates and Big Downloads When I Am Sleeping

I only download big updates software installs while sleeping or getting ready to.

Auto-updates and doing updates often slowed down my devices enough to annoy me.

So now I only download system and app updates before going to sleep.

I suppose it is not that big of a deal anymore. But I still do it out of habit.

Updating on Linux is not nearly as intrusive. But I still tend to wait until nighttime to do all of my updates.

I also tend to download bigger games and game updates while sleeping. But since I no longer play big multiplayer games anymore, this rarely is an issue.

If I plan to download a big game, I start it before going to sleep. I leave my computer on overnight.

I am glad internet connections are now reliable enough that it is not a mystery anymore if your long downloads will finish. I do not miss those days.



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