Some Things I Have Learned From Using Computers Often

Desktop computer
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Learn to Type (Properly)

One of the most useful things I have done is to work on my touch typing skills.

Use Autocorrect Often

Using autocorrect often can have some funny results. But using autocorrect heavily has made typing on mobile devices much easier.

Test and Question Everything

When I was younger, I used to change and play around with the settings on the family computer. It used to annoy my mom a lot.

  • What is the control panel? What do all of these settings do?
  • I used to browse the files in the Windows folder. I thought that maybe I could learn something from the file names.
  • I wondered what all the .DLL files were and why there were so many of them.
  • What the heck was system32?
  • Why were all the .EXE files in the programs folder
  • Why did images and sound files have different extensions? What did this mean?

Sometimes Just Using the Defaults Works

I used to love changing and researching all the programs I use. I still do sometimes.

Make Backups!

I have learned multiple times in my life the hard lesson of losing data because I did not back it up.

I Do Updates and Big Downloads When I Am Sleeping

I only download big updates software installs while sleeping or getting ready to.



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Eric Farmer

Eric Farmer

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