Some Silly Things I Will Do Save Money

I recently spent some time planning my spending and budget. While doing this, I spent some time thinking about things I do to save money.

I wonder if some of these things are silly. I suppose I can share them and let readers decide.

pxhere picture — CC0 Public Domain

I Use Grocery Store Bags as Trash Bags

I save plastic and paper bags I get from shopping and restaurants to reuse as trash bags. I fill these tiny bags up and tie them up. I use as many as needed.

While shopping, I grab some extra bags and take them. When I worked at Walmart, I bring home extra bags as well.

My bag of plastic bags. Picture taken with my iPhone camera.

Free Things From Work Part 1

I often take every thing I can for free from work. Legally speaking, of course. I am not talking about theft.

What kinds of things am I talking about?

  • Condiment packets
  • Napkins
  • Packets of sugar
  • Plastic silverware
  • Tissue

Some might call this a bit petty. I suppose it is, but I feel it is my way of getting that extra pay I keep wishing I get someday.

My plasticware stash. Picture taken with my iPhone camera.

Free Stuff From Work Part 2

When I worked at Walmart, free food was given out to employees.

You bet I ate my fill. I also took some extra things home. Yes. I am one of those people. I am a sucker for free food. So I take advantage of it.

But I don’t work at Walmart anymore. I now work at Amazon.

They also give out free snacks sometimes. You bet while getting free sugar cookies, I grabbed two instead of one.

I am not feeling guilty or sorry. Both cookies tasted great.

I also got a free bottle of Gatorade and some other snacks as well.

Free Things From Work Part 3

While working at Amazon, I also got some free tee shirts. I also got a nice hoodie while working during their peak time.

I use these free clothes as work clothes now. Since I work four days a week, I have enough free Amazon shirts to last me a week.

I got a free mug as well.

Yes, I am a bit obsessive when it comes to free stuff.

Free Stuff From Restaurants

Restaurants are also a great way to get free condiments. Well, they used to be anyway. Places are a bit more strict on this. Some even charge for extra.

Sigh. I miss the days of never needing to buy ketchup from hoarding-free packets. Maybe people like me are what caused restaurants to make changes!

You can get extra silverware and napkins.

You might wonder. Don’t I have these things at home?

I do. But I try to save what I have and use what I get for free first.

Reader, I am lazy. So by using free plastic silverware, I can avoid washing dishes. Sorry, environmentalists.

Food containers from restaurants are not something you want to use long-term. But they are nice to reuse once or maybe twice. I often save them for meals to bring to work.

Don’t forget about the plastic bags! As if I even need anymore at this point.

Free Money Part 1

Often while walking around, I see coins on the ground. Some people find picking up pennies an act that is beneath them. I have always found that a bit odd. I don’t feel this way at all.

If having more money means just bending over and picking it up, you bet I will do it! I save all my coins up, and maybe in 10 years, I have like $100 or something.

Often I find some free change near cash registers in stores. Neither employees or shoppers feel like picking this spare change up. I do.

Once while young, I went around my neighborhood on a hunt for pocket change. I found enough money to head to a gas station and buy a snack.

I now have this odd habit of looking at the ground while walking around. I look down and scan around every once and a while.

There are stores called Aldi near me, and these stores have carts that need a quarter to use in the store. Some people refuse the return their carts for their quarter. So I will take it back for them, and now I have a free quarter.

Free Money Part 2

As a kid, I sometimes found change in vending machines by pressing the return change button.

I also used to check payphones or anything that had a spot for change to be returned. I often found free pennies this way.

I quickly gained a habit of walking up to anything that had coin slots and looking for coins.

I also found pocket change from arcade machines. People would put in 2/3 coins and walk away or something. So I press the return coin button and find myself a free 50 cents.

But the silliest or funny way I got free change?

While in Vegas with my dad I saw a slot machines ticket for three cents. So I grabbed it and redeemed it for the free money.

I lost way more money than I gained that day. But you bet I left with my free pocket change!



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