Some Silly Things I Will Do Save Money

pxhere picture — CC0 Public Domain

I Use Grocery Store Bags as Trash Bags

I save plastic and paper bags I get from shopping and restaurants to reuse as trash bags. I fill these tiny bags up and tie them up. I use as many as needed.

My bag of plastic bags. Picture taken with my iPhone camera.

Free Things From Work Part 1

I often take every thing I can for free from work. Legally speaking, of course. I am not talking about theft.

  • Condiment packets
  • Napkins
  • Packets of sugar
  • Plastic silverware
  • Tissue
My plasticware stash. Picture taken with my iPhone camera.

Free Stuff From Work Part 2

When I worked at Walmart, free food was given out to employees.

Free Things From Work Part 3

While working at Amazon, I also got some free tee shirts. I also got a nice hoodie while working during their peak time.

Free Stuff From Restaurants

Restaurants are also a great way to get free condiments. Well, they used to be anyway. Places are a bit more strict on this. Some even charge for extra.

Free Money Part 1

Often while walking around, I see coins on the ground. Some people find picking up pennies an act that is beneath them. I have always found that a bit odd. I don’t feel this way at all.

Free Money Part 2

As a kid, I sometimes found change in vending machines by pressing the return change button.



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