Are Fast Food Restaurants Even Convenient Anymore?

I am lazy, and I have a terrible diet. So going to a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s or Burger King is perfect! I get cheap junk food quickly.


Maybe not anymore.

I am going to explain why food restaurants have become less convenient and cheap.

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The Days of Fast Food Are Over

Fast food. It is in the name, right? Well, maybe not so much anymore.

Lately, my trips to restaurants have been on the longer side. I see teams of overworked and understaffed crews rushing around trying to get everything ready.

Now to be fair, under 15 minutes is still somewhat convenient. But for some trips, I have waited for 30 minutes or longer. Recently with the COVID-19 pandemic drive-thru wait, times have gone up a lot.

Reader, I am quite impatient. I am at the point that I rather stay home and cook something myself than wait for others to do it for me.

You might think, but cooking takes time as well? True.

But when I am doing it myself, I feel differently. If something goes wrong, I know who to blame. Me.

I Hate Crowded Spaces

I don’t like going to certain restaurants because of how busy they are. I dislike being in crowded areas. I almost always order take-out at restaurants.

Poor Service

I tend to be on the more relaxed side when it comes to the service I expect from restaurants.

Bless the people that are willing to work somewhere like Taco Bell for such low pay.

But rude people and people who forget the items I order test my patience. Remember, I don’t have a lot of patience.

I can somewhat live with rude people. I don’t have to chat with them long, and who knows. Maybe they just had the worst day ever?

But when you mess my order up, I become angry and start demanding things.

Now, this doesn’t happen too often. But it happens enough times that I am starting to become annoyed.

I may be a poor cook. But at least I can cook my food and not forget something. I can also make it how I want (sometimes).

Not So Cheap Food

McDonald’s used to be my bastion of getting cheap junk food to feel good. But a large fry there now costs over $3 where I am at. The only thing I like there anymore is the fries!

I have noticed a lot of places have more expensive food lately. I guess I finally noticed that inflation is a thing.

Also, my favorite local places charge even more money than fast-food restaurants.

It gets to the point that I wonder if I would be better off just getting more things from the grocery store instead.

I mostly go to restaurants now based on how has the best deals or coupons. Or if I have strong cravings for something.

Delivery Does Not Solve the Issue

You might think it is much more convenient to order everything with DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, ETC.

Well, that does deal with some of my issues. But it also creates new ones.

It helps in that I don’t have to go anywhere, and I can order things from home.

But now there is one more thing in getting my order and getting it to me that can go wrong.

What if the delivery person gets the wrong thing? What if the restaurant messes something up? No way they are going back to get something else. Now all I can do is get a refund.

What if the person bringing my food is lazy and gives it to my neighbors (this has happened to me.)

Also, the wait time goes up a lot. Because now somebody needs to go there, get the food, and then bring it to me.

I tip the drivers $10 most of the time. I don’t want the people bringing me my food to feel underpaid.

But delivery fees and the tip adds up. It helps contribute to my thoughts on fast food no longer being cheap.

What I Am Doing Differently

I am slowly changing how I buy food. Here is what I am doing differently.

  • I am buying more food at grocery stores.
  • I am buying things from the work break room.

Turns Out Grocery Stores Are Great

Despite having shopped at grocery stores like Aldi and Walmart my whole life, I am just now starting to appreciate them.

You can get a lot of junk food at the grocery store too!

I often buy things to microwave for the most convenient and lazy meals possible.

Who needs a possibly disappointed and underpaid restaurant crew to make dinner when I can do it myself in 10 minutes or less?

Lots of my favorite food are in the freezer section. Sure it is not the same as a restaurant. But it is good enough.

You also can buy fresh things like vegetables and fruit. You know, stuff that is good for the diet.

You also can buy Little Debbie snacks and candy!

Who needs overpriced restaurant desserts when I can buy a whole thing of chocolate muffins and eat them (reader, I am working on my diet if you can believe me).

Now there is the fact that I still need to go somewhere and wait to buy the stuff. But most places are self-checkout now.

I have become quite proficient at using these machines from my time working at Walmart. I never worked the cashiers, but I used self-checkout almost every day.

A lot of people dislike using self-checkout machines. I used to hate self-checkout machines too. But now, I appreciate doing things myself. I like being in control.

I often don’t have to wait nearly as long.

I can’t do much about needing time to go to places.

I could have my things delivered to me like with restaurants. I still would have to deal with the same delivery issues, though.

I Buy Food at Work

My current job has a well-stocked break room. I often buy things here.

I suppose this not being cheap as the prices are somewhat high.

But I like that you can use a small self-check machine to buy whatever you want and rarely have to wait to use it.

It feels much more convenient than a restaurant, that is for sure!



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