Are Fast Food Restaurants Even Convenient Anymore?

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The Days of Fast Food Are Over

Fast food. It is in the name, right? Well, maybe not so much anymore.

I Hate Crowded Spaces

I don’t like going to certain restaurants because of how busy they are. I dislike being in crowded areas. I almost always order take-out at restaurants.

Poor Service

I tend to be on the more relaxed side when it comes to the service I expect from restaurants.

Not So Cheap Food

McDonald’s used to be my bastion of getting cheap junk food to feel good. But a large fry there now costs over $3 where I am at. The only thing I like there anymore is the fries!

Delivery Does Not Solve the Issue

You might think it is much more convenient to order everything with DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, ETC.

What I Am Doing Differently

I am slowly changing how I buy food. Here is what I am doing differently.

  • I am buying more food at grocery stores.
  • I am buying things from the work break room.

Turns Out Grocery Stores Are Great

Despite having shopped at grocery stores like Aldi and Walmart my whole life, I am just now starting to appreciate them.

I Buy Food at Work

My current job has a well-stocked break room. I often buy things here.



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